pattern-RibbonBlues2Make your next quilt something to cherish

The rich moody colors on a dark background make for a stunning quilt for your wall or to display on the back of your couch. The 63-inch size makes it perfact for cuddling on the couch with a book or your favorite movie. Each 12-inch block is an easy pattern, but since the blocks are set on edge with triangle-blocks filling the edges, when you combines the blocks it makes a complex design.


This pattern is in the final “testing” phase — COMING SOON!



Complete, professional, easy instructions

There are three different blocks used in the body of the quilt, two variants of a block used on the edges and corners, and a pieced border. The directions are illustrated to show how to assemble each block.


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This 8-page pattern was designed by an experienced quilter, and the instructions were laid out by a professional designer. Every step of how to assemble the quilt is carefully spelled out including illustrations. The pattern includes a cutting chart that is especially useful for when you want to rotary cut your fabric. It’s also a great tool for when you are walking through the fabric store to pick out the fabric.

  • Finished size: 63 inches square
  • Skill level: Experienced-beginner or intermediate
  • Time needed: Complete the quilt top in two to three weekends


Pictured below is an example of the instructions for one of the blocks. It shows an illustration labeling the parts of the block, tells you how many pieces of each size and fabric to cut, then shows you the steps for assembly.