Being Professional is brief. It’s not a text book and it’s not packed full of filler and photos to bring it to a nice full fifty thousand words.

You can read this book in one day or one weekend—and that’s the best way to use this book. Short on time? Sit down with this book, skip around, and read what pertains to your situation. There are plenty of subheads and I summarize with main-point bullets at the end of each chapter so it’s easy to skim.

This book is not about finding or doing a job, however being professional will certainly help you do either.

What’s inside?

Inside this book are 146 pages of:

  • Acronyms and Business jargon
  • Tips on being professional
  • Dos and don’t s about office etiquette
  • Office politic basics
  • Communication skill tips
  • Dressing the part without overdoing it
  • Thoughts on piecing, tattoos, and other marks of the radical
  • Coming and going, from being on time and calling in to all the way to your exit interview
  • Socializing in the office and taking care around the rumor mill
  • Speaking: from giving presentations to basic communication, heavy accents, language, and more
  • Music, smoking, and food in the office
  • Basics on remote working
  • Navigating the office relation ship: from BFFs to spouses
  • Meeting mechanics
  • Doing good work in writing, on the phone, in your presentations, via email, and more
  • Detailed tips on using project management skills to succeed in ANY work assignment
  • How to stay organized and tools that will help
  • What to expect from a review, raise, or promotion
  • Cheat-sheet on all those titles a.k.a: What’s the difference between a Director and a VP
  • Basic professional branding tips for the new freelancer
  • Spiritual inspiration for professionalism
  • Learn more! Each chapter ends with suggested search terms so you can learn more online.


Professionalism is the image you portray: a combination of your attitude, your integrity, your manners, and your appearance, all mixed together and wrapped up with the quality of your work.

For anybody entering the workforce, whether for the first time or returning after a long absence, you will face a great deal of competition. Not only is the competition stiff while looking for a job, once you get it, there are plenty of people who will be happy to take your place. Professionalism your key to stand above the rest and not only keep your job, but excel at it and turn it into a meaningful career.

Whether you’re a high school grad looking for your first summer job, a recent college grad ready to put your shiny new degree to work, a mid-career job-changer, or a boomer returning after a long absence to supplement your retirement — Being Professional is the quick-tips book to help you come up to speed.